RIP K-Kompak

It’s a very SAD day for me and all K-Car fans around the country when my colleague, Ibrahim Salleh or knowned as Baim, the editor of K-KOMPAK magazine announced that the most popular and the only local magazine for k-car lovers is now laid to rest FOR GOOD. Reading the last comments on his FB page, it’s a very hard decision for Baim and the K-kompak crew to accepted the publishers decision, which in this case, the Summit Publisher Sdn. Bhd, whom also responsible putting down the best tuning magazine they’ve ever produce- EVO (Evolusi Otomobil).

Here are his personal comments about the K-Kompak’s ‘death’:

“Salam Hormat,


Saya selaku Editor K-Kompak memaklumkan bahawa isu 97 merupakan ISU TERAKHIR terbitan Summit Publishers Sdn. Bhd. K-Kompak TIDAK AKAN DITERBITKAN di bawah syarikat Summit Publishers Sdn. Bhd. Apapun saya terpaksa akur dengan keputusan yang dibuat oleh Pengarah Urusan Summit Publishers Sdn. Bhd. Selaras dengan itu, saya tidak bersama lagi di Summit Publishers Sdn. Bhd. Harap maklum. Maaf kepada semua yang telah menghantar gambar atau buletin kepada pihak kami kerana tidak dapat diterbitkan. Kesempatan ini saya mahu mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada semua yang telah menyokong K-Kompak dari mula diterbitkan hingga kini. Saya dan semua warga Summit Publishers Sdn Bhd menyusun jari memohon maaf atas sebarang kesilapan yang dilakukan jika ada. Jutaan terima kasih buat semua. Harapan semoga dunia K-Car akan lebih hangat dan subur untuk tahun tahun seterusnya.

Sekian terima kasih. KECIL-RANGGI-POWER

# Jika K-Kompak dapat diteruskan bersama Publishers yang baru atau saya membuat majalah baru, harapan anda akan terus menyokong saya.



As a former guest contributor of this magazine, this is the most unbelievable and outrageous decision done as the magazine is a hit amongst the K-car club culture in Malaysia. My hope is for Baim and all the people behind the editorial will step up to relive back the magazine’s life, even though it have to sacrifice to change it’s name.

And for Baim, godspeed to you my friend.


HOT KEI Time Attack & Track Day 2013


We bring you TIME ATTACK & TRACK DAY for Kancil, Kelisa, Kenari, Viva and Myvi owners in collaboration with KELISACLUB & YRV K3-VET CLUB. Open up to any compact motorsports enthusiast and members.

Event will include:

1) Time Attack* – clocking the fastest time around MIMC track. Prizes will be available.

Categories available:
A) 660/1.0 Turbo
B) 660/850/1.0 NA
C) 1.3 NA & 1.5NA (MYVI only)
D) 1.3 Turbo

2) Free run*- tracks open for some free run after the time attack event. No prizes available for this event.

All cars competing in both events (Time Attack & Free Run) must be STREET LEGAL car with STOCK FACTORY PARTS intact. STREET LEGAL TYRES & SEMI SLICK IS ACCEPTABLE. Only FULL SLICK TYRES IS NOT ALLOWED!

3) Car Boot Sale – selling your car parts? This is where you can do it! Open up to to junkies and runners whom interested.


A) Time Attack : RM150 per pax.

B) Free Run : RM100 per pax.

C) Car Boot Sale : RM100 per space.

4) Parking will charge RM5 per car (participant not included)

So COME JOIN US! The more the merrier!!!

Itasha Strikes Back!

Another update from NIN DESIGNHOUSE gallery:

Owner: Man X4

Car: Daihatsu Boon X4

Character: Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu!)

Brotherhood’s Meet Up

19th February 2012

Lido Beach PA, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia (opposite the M-Suite Hotel)

Blast From The Past- Toyota TES Concept T-Sports

Back at Tokyo AutoSalon exhibition in 2011, Toyota Engineering Society (TES) revealed their new concept car called TES Concept T-Sports.

The car was built, based on Daihatsu Copen chassis, coupled with 1.3 engine and transmission from Toyota Cami (Daihatsu Terios) and rear suspension setup and differential from Toyota Altezza. The car is built on FR layout, not like FF layout which the car based from.

The A.K.R. FR L700 Circuit Car.

This unique Daihatsu Mira L702V was featured in Tokyo AutoSalon 2012, a brave project by Car Produce A.K.R.

With some aggresive AKR aerokits, a wider set of TE37V wheels and the engine conversion that powered the car from the rear wheel rather from the front, this car is an eye-catching amongst the exhibitor in the Makuhari Messe Hall that weekend.

This car also won the Excellent Award trophy for K-Car Division from TAS 2012 organizer. Kudos!

Car Produce A.K.R. Official Website:
Tokyo Autosalon:

Blast From The Past- Perodua Kelisa 4WD works rally car.

This is an article that I typed and posted in another k-car forum outside Malaysia. Let me CnP just for information for all SmallCarWorld readers. Sorry if I made some mistakes in my English vocabulary coz I’m still learning… 🙂

Maybe some of you knew about it, but some don’t. Let me tell you sumthin about this monstrous pocket rocket!  This is a Perodua Kelisa 4WD rally car. Formerly owned and operated by Castrol Perodua Rally Team (later change to Perodua M5 Rally Team, prior to Petronas sponsorship). The car is modified and maintained by a reputable specialist workshop called AutoCraft, based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

These cars are special. Although normal Kelisa’s have a floorpan that can accommodate the 4WD system (plug & play), Autocraft had to refabricated the rear suspension mounts so it can hold special-made Proflex rally suspensions, imported from overseas.

Perodua Kelisa 989cc 4WD Turbo, 'PERODUA 491' (Driver: Kan Chee Hong, Co Driver: Bernard Chin)

Even the engine itself came from a rally pedigree, the Storia X4’s JC-DET 713cc 16-valve DOHC turbocharged unit, that produced about 150ps. Autocraft sourced 2 units of the engine directly from Daihatsu Motors, Japan via Perodua main factory. One of the engine remains standard in the second car (Perodua 492) but the other is modified, top to bottom (blue-printed) and stroked up to 989cc for the first car (Perodua 491). Both car’s engine are equipped with MOTEC stand alone ECU with anti-lag system.

Perodua Kelisa 713cc 4wd Turbo, 'PERODUA 492' (Driver: Lim Leong Onn, Co-Driver: Kamarul Annuar)

Both the car won numerous rally championship during 1998 till 2006 Malaysian Rally Championship season. In 2007, ‘Perodua 491’ is replaced by MyVi 4WD Rally Car and in the mid 2007 later, the second car, ‘Perodua 492’ is replaced by a Viva 4WD rally car.

Daihatsu JC-DET. Small engine aight? But it can eat a LanEvo 7 for breakfast!

This is a third Kelisa, a 2WD rally car (Perodua 493) from Perodua M5 Rally Team. It is powered by a K3-VE2, 1.3 litre DVVT 16-valve DOHC natural aspirated engine taken from Storia (Sirion)…

Perodua Kelisa 1.3 DVVT 2WD, 'Perodua 493' (Driver: P.NandaKumar, Co-Driver: Suresh Prakash Sharma).

The car only performed in two season (2006 & early 2007) and later it was swapped for a 2WD MyVi rally car in the mid 2007 season.

Malacca K-Car Gathering 2011

25th December 2011. Christmas Day. It’s holiday…and I was on my way to Dataran Ayer Keroh, Melaka for  the biggest K-car gathering ever held. It’s dubbed MALACCA K-CAR GATHERING 2011, organized by K-Carlife automotive forum.

So far this is the most outstanding event held for lovers of compact car (Kancil, Kelisa, Viva, Kenari), mini SUV (Kembara) even a Mitsu Evo9, Naza Bestari and even Nissan Grand Livina!

Enjoy the photos:

Ford’s new 1 litre Ecoboost engine

Ford Motors Europe is now entering the small engine market. They’ve just launch the new 1 litre, 3-cylinder turbocharged engine into their ECOBOOST engine range:

To Daihatsu, Suzuki, Honda…meet your newest rival!

The Magic Aero…

The first time I saw this Aero Magic Jr. kitted Kenari was on the Youtube video.  God grief that’s a powerful minivan!

Honestly I never met the car in person, due to the distance from me and the place where the owner stays. But again, I gave a full respect on what the owner have done to achieve the potential

Behold…the behemoth behind the little puny bodyshell. A fully-loaded  Daihatsu K3-VET engine with all the technical and performance goodies. Some of my colleague says that the car was built at a very known workshop whom caters K3-VET enthusiast. That’s GOOD!

BTW, I hope someday the owner will give me the opportunity to snap the photos of this car, as well let me test drive it too!! Before I leave this page, let’s enjoy ourselves to the video of this car via Youtube:

*All pictures above are copyrights of MAJALAH GILA KERETA 

*Aero Magic Jr. is produced by JP Co. Ltd