My old Project Orange.

Actually i didn’t have any article to put inside the SmallCarWorld. Thus this is my first article yet. Funny though coz it’s gonna be my car to be featured first in this website.

My car, before starting the project...

My car, before starting the project...

This is my car. It’s a 2001 Perodua Kelisa LE which i traded with my old workhorse, 1995 Perodua Kancil EZ660 turbo. Anyone would wonder why I switched to NA  when all the petrolheads are cunning to the turbocharging mania? it was the maintenance of the old car which I have to decided wheater it is suitable for my daily driving or not. Oh well,  time to change my pace from driving the 10-year old car to this beauty…

So I went to my friend’s sticker shop which is situated not far from my house. Blessed with the name G2 Design, I decided to go through the process to make-up my car to a dashing ‘D1GP replica’. Well, real drift cars are so expensive, why not I just put their liveries? So after a 6-month preperation, my car is decorated with decals of design similar to Nobushige Kumakubo, my favorite D1 drifter’s car.

 The Project Orange commence!

The Project Orange commence!

All the hardwork has been paid!

Isn’t she a beauty??

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