Baby Aston Martin…

Front View

I was called up to review this ‘midget’ which was built by a very famous carmaker for James Bond, Aston Martin. Based from the Toyota iQ, it was blessed with the name ‘CYGNET’ (Maybe Q was the one giving the idea of that name, he he he!).

Rear View

It was Aston Martin’s designer one-off project to built a city car for the elegant people (BTW, I didn’t knew elegant people nowadays do care about city parking spaces?). The car also incorporates some of very plushed interior of red and black premium leather.


FYI, Aston Martin said that the car is still in concept mode, but they are hoping that Cygnet will hit the UK and EU market by 2010. And I bet if the car hit our shores, u have to pay a plenty sum of cash, not expected for a small car like this.

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