Perodua CARNival @ Jom Heboh JB

SmallCarWorld mod, Along Flux and his battle-scarred  ‘Fluxmobile’ is invited to compete with other small car owners for a time trial during Perodua CARNival @ Jom Heboh 2010 event at Danga Bay, JB. Organized by Perodua, the time trial is held on the 2nd day after the autosaloon event yesterday.

SmallCarWorld mod with the Fluxmobile.

Lots of competitor, especially from clubs like VIVAC and Promote came to this event to support. Even drifters like Nabil from Driftzone and rally driver, Tito & Mr. Penipu (sorry, don’t know his real name…XD) switching modes to the small car scene. 

Nabil and his loaned Kancil Turbo 'Green Goblin"

Mr.Penipu and the 'LadyBug'

5 rounds are given for each competitor to clock their fastest time. Some drove like a holiday tourist, some drove like there’s no tomorrow, some driving off the course, and even there’s one driver is so afraid to compete, even after he registered and go for a round. But then sometime, mishap do happens, as one of the Promote members hit the perimeter fence with his Myvi. Ouch!

Mr.Andy & the starting line...

 It was a great event, to see all the participants driving against the clock. Fluxmobile did a great job securing 2nd place in the respected class. Even Nabil and the Green Goblin got 3rd place behind Mr.Penipu and Tito in the Turbo Open category.  

Competitors, organizers and sponsors in one mugshot!

Runner-up pose for SmallCarWorld...

 The track layout, via SmallCarWorld’s DIY on-board video camera…

 A million thanks to Jagjeet, Maggie, Suhaimi, Gina and others whom make this event a success!

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