URAS goodies for K-car fans….

URAS is one of the Japanese aerokit builder, owned and run by a very famous drifter in D1GP, Nomura Ken @ NomuKen.

Significantly named from his ‘monkey see monkey do act’ (URAS was actually ‘SARU’ spelled backwards which means the animal ‘within’ him). He was also a K-car fan itself, sharing his passion with these kinds of vehicles despite his own size (he was the shortest D1GP driver yet, but he drives a ‘giant’ BLITZ ER34 drift car).

His first attempt to produce the aerokits for K-car came with this Monkey Magic FRP series, starting with kits for Suzuki Wagon R (MC):

Monkey Magic Type S kit for Wagon-R (MC)

Later he’s out with kits for the newer model of the Suzuki Wagon-R (MH):

Right now, he’s targeting the owners of Daihatsu Mira (L700) by introducing this latest rage:

I’m hoping that Nomura-san will came out with new kits for k-car fans soon. So keep crossing your fingers!

    • Harrison
    • October 20th, 2010

    Hey, does anyone know where I can buy this kit? I have one of these cars and really want this kit!!

    • Hi Harrison,

      As I know, URAS K-car kit only available in Japan.

      So u might have to get it via the official website: http://www.uras.co.jp/syohin/kcar_aero.html.

      This is at least I can help with it..

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