Lyzard’s Widebody IceBox…

This car belongs to my friend, Zariff @ Lyzardlaki. It started as a stock Perodua Kenari he bought as his daily driven. After selling his Toyota Corolla AE111, he began to modified the car, or ‘peti sejuk’ (ice box) as he called it.

Soon after that, he craved for more power. So he opted to swapped the old EJ-DE 1-litre engine, downgraded it to 660cc JB-DET from Daihatsu Move L900. But later he found out that the car suffered a torque on low rpm’s (this is so TRUE!), so he switched back to the trusty EJ-DE engine back to the car.

And yes, this is him…

Not only the JB-DET engine he took out and put inside his ‘peti sejuk’, all the parts including the front and rear L900 bodypart (including the billet grill), doors tailgate, interior and bodykit is attached to it.

Lyzard’s passion doesn’t stopped there. He began to think out of the box (sorry, this statement can left the word ‘box’ from it) by swapped the rims to the wider offset. And what goes with the wide offset rims? A widebody of course, which he began with a crazy offset rims- Work Euroline DH (15x8jj et-11 front, 15x8jj et-18 rear) running with 175/50/15 for the hipari & JDM tightness looks.

And for now, the car is open for SALE, with all the goodies got here. If any of you interested, please call Lyzard at: 019-3344471 or 014-3800600

P/S: He might throw in those 2-digits if the price is right. And seriously as he speaks, no low baller please!

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