Chasing down the Lapin…

The first time I spotted this car is when I’m on my way home from work, near the Senai Airport roundabout. I wished that i will see that car again next time….AND MY WISH CAME TRUE!

This time, I’ve finally spot this Suzuki Lapin on my way to work. The car was driven by a Singaporean girl and she was heading to the same place where I’ve first spotted her car- Senai Airport ( or maybe she’s working near that area).

This car looks unique with the roof rack. Noticed the front grill is different from Lapin that I’ve seen in some Japanese k-car magazine. It’s actually a facelift model with billet-style garnish, like the photo below:

As I stopped by her side at the traffic light, I gave the owner a thumbs up for that great looking, lovely car. Maybe next time I will have  an exclusive review of this car soon…

    • leo000730
    • July 16th, 2011

    if im not wrong.. the owner of this car stays in toa payoh (singapore) just near my block.

    • nice…send my regards to the owner….:)

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