Blast From The Past- Perodua Kelisa 4WD works rally car.

This is an article that I typed and posted in another k-car forum outside Malaysia. Let me CnP just for information for all SmallCarWorld readers. Sorry if I made some mistakes in my English vocabulary coz I’m still learning… 🙂

Maybe some of you knew about it, but some don’t. Let me tell you sumthin about this monstrous pocket rocket!  This is a Perodua Kelisa 4WD rally car. Formerly owned and operated by Castrol Perodua Rally Team (later change to Perodua M5 Rally Team, prior to Petronas sponsorship). The car is modified and maintained by a reputable specialist workshop called AutoCraft, based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

These cars are special. Although normal Kelisa’s have a floorpan that can accommodate the 4WD system (plug & play), Autocraft had to refabricated the rear suspension mounts so it can hold special-made Proflex rally suspensions, imported from overseas.

Perodua Kelisa 989cc 4WD Turbo, 'PERODUA 491' (Driver: Kan Chee Hong, Co Driver: Bernard Chin)

Even the engine itself came from a rally pedigree, the Storia X4’s JC-DET 713cc 16-valve DOHC turbocharged unit, that produced about 150ps. Autocraft sourced 2 units of the engine directly from Daihatsu Motors, Japan via Perodua main factory. One of the engine remains standard in the second car (Perodua 492) but the other is modified, top to bottom (blue-printed) and stroked up to 989cc for the first car (Perodua 491). Both car’s engine are equipped with MOTEC stand alone ECU with anti-lag system.

Perodua Kelisa 713cc 4wd Turbo, 'PERODUA 492' (Driver: Lim Leong Onn, Co-Driver: Kamarul Annuar)

Both the car won numerous rally championship during 1998 till 2006 Malaysian Rally Championship season. In 2007, ‘Perodua 491’ is replaced by MyVi 4WD Rally Car and in the mid 2007 later, the second car, ‘Perodua 492’ is replaced by a Viva 4WD rally car.

Daihatsu JC-DET. Small engine aight? But it can eat a LanEvo 7 for breakfast!

This is a third Kelisa, a 2WD rally car (Perodua 493) from Perodua M5 Rally Team. It is powered by a K3-VE2, 1.3 litre DVVT 16-valve DOHC natural aspirated engine taken from Storia (Sirion)…

Perodua Kelisa 1.3 DVVT 2WD, 'Perodua 493' (Driver: P.NandaKumar, Co-Driver: Suresh Prakash Sharma).

The car only performed in two season (2006 & early 2007) and later it was swapped for a 2WD MyVi rally car in the mid 2007 season.

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