HOT KEI Time Attack & Track Day 2013


We bring you TIME ATTACK & TRACK DAY for Kancil, Kelisa, Kenari, Viva and Myvi owners in collaboration with KELISACLUB & YRV K3-VET CLUB. Open up to any compact motorsports enthusiast and members.

Event will include:

1) Time Attack* – clocking the fastest time around MIMC track. Prizes will be available.

Categories available:
A) 660/1.0 Turbo
B) 660/850/1.0 NA
C) 1.3 NA & 1.5NA (MYVI only)
D) 1.3 Turbo

2) Free run*- tracks open for some free run after the time attack event. No prizes available for this event.

All cars competing in both events (Time Attack & Free Run) must be STREET LEGAL car with STOCK FACTORY PARTS intact. STREET LEGAL TYRES & SEMI SLICK IS ACCEPTABLE. Only FULL SLICK TYRES IS NOT ALLOWED!

3) Car Boot Sale – selling your car parts? This is where you can do it! Open up to to junkies and runners whom interested.


A) Time Attack : RM150 per pax.

B) Free Run : RM100 per pax.

C) Car Boot Sale : RM100 per space.

4) Parking will charge RM5 per car (participant not included)

So COME JOIN US! The more the merrier!!!

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